Get Your Chill On! 10 Famous Celebrities That Endorse CBD Dabs

The CBD market has been on the rise. And it may reach $22 billion in the next few years. 

CBD is a chemical produced by the marijuana plant. Unlike the more well-known THC, it doesn’t cause a mind-altering high. 

Instead, users report feelings of relaxation and pain relief. Marijuana is on a path toward legalization, CBD dabs are widely available in small doses.

Many celebrities appear on the front page of tabloids for drug use and rehab. And many support the move to legalize marijuana. 

Keep reading to hear about the major and minor celebrities who use CBD for one reason or another.

1. Morgan Freeman

While the man has a household name, many don’t know much about his stance on marijuana. He has come out to show public support for it. 

He uses it for medical purposes himself and wants to see others receive its benefits. His own use began after a car crash which shattered his elbow and shoulder. It also almost took his life.

Marijuana eases the pain and he claims nothing else works. While his use may come as a surprise, his altruism doesn’t. But then again, many of his characters have been grandfatherly in nature.

2. Nate Diaz

There is something almost off-putting about a ferocious fighter in the ring being calm and collected when talking to the press. The dichotomy makes the person so relatable.

Nate Diaz, after winning a fight, used a CBD vape while talking to the press. He waxed eloquent on the many benefits CBD has on the body. 

Science seems to back up what he shared. And even if it didn’t, he would keep using it, because it brings him relief. And when a single missed workout can spell defeat, relief keeps him winning. 

3. Michael J. Fox

What you know Michael J. Fox for may depend largely upon your age. Many know him for his role as a teen with a bad temper who traveled through time.

Almost everyone knows him for his work on seeking a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. Of course, he has a dog in that fight because of having PD.

He uses cannabis products himself. But he also wants to see more research done on their effectiveness. 

4. Snoop Dogg

We admit it, this is about as surprising as finding snow in the Arctic. But while Snoop Dogg may be synonymous with weed, he claims it helped him chill in life.

And he has done a great deal to raise money for non-profits. Even with his give-a-care posture and persona, his actions show that he cares about people.

He has raised funds for Habitat for Humanity and started a youth football league in LA. 

5. Barbara Streisand 

If there exists a celebrity with a more squeaky clean public profile, we couldn’t find them. Barbara Streisand has been outspoken about her distaste for alcohol. But CBD seems just fine to her.

And with a musical genius like her, who can argue. A user she may be, but driven as well. She has numerous awards, accolades and hit songs.

It comes, then, as no shock, she may need some help unwinding. Keep at it Barbara, you are clearly doing lots of things right.

6. Whoopi Goldberg and CBD Dabs for Cramps

In continuation of celebrities from the 80’s and 90’s, we have everyone’s favorite nun. And just like many of the others on this list, she supports charitable causes.

And she seeks to help women struggling with menstrual cramps. Of course, many birth control options help reduce the discomfort. But many women worry about pumping chemicals into their body every day.

Whoopi partnered with Maya Elisabeth to offer more than one option. The CBD pill for cramps eases pain without getting you stoned. 

7. Gina Mazany

If you don’t like to watch sport fighting on tv, this rising star will be unfamiliar to you. For the rest of you, you already know Gina has some impressive fighting statistics.

As with any sport, extra-curricular substances have rules surrounding them. The World Anti-Doping Agency had a ban on CBD. When they changed the rules, Gina Mazany entered the debate with her support.

And again, to a greater degree than many other sports, missing a day in the gym isn’t an option. CBD helps an athlete relax, get a good night’s sleep and recover a bit faster.

8. Alessandra Ambrosio

And speaking of a good night’s sleep, no one knows how important that is quite like Alessandra Ambrosio. Yes, people usually associate models with private jets, cushy resorts and working on a beach.

However, they fail to remember the enormous pressure coming from every angle. Alessandra uses CBD to relax. It gives her a full night’s rest before a day on the catwalk.  

9. Patrick Stewart

A few years ago, the great actor was seeking relief for his arthritis. The condition is a genetic one and his mother suffered great pains from it. 

He uses an ointment at night and a spray during the day. Not long after starting, he could make tight fists again. 

He has advocated for the legalization of medical marijuana in Britain. He wants the masses to experience the same pain relief he enjoys. Click here for more products you might use for pain relief.

10. Montel Williams

We all picture Hollywood as a life of luxury and creative outlets everywhere. But more than that, it is a place full of people who wouldn’t quit. Montel Williams fits that bill in a perfect way. 

Yes, people know him as the television host. But many more know him for his multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He wasted little time in becoming an advocate for medical marijuana use. 

Pain Relief and Relaxation

Consider how sleep-deprived this society has become. One might think a natural product to aid in sleep and relieving stress would have incredible support.

CBD dabs might be the product you need to reduce stress, relieve pain and help you sleep. 

A good night’s sleep and lower stress levels might be closer than you think.