Feeling Nostalgic? Here Are 7 80’s Sitcoms That Are Still Funny Today

80's sitcoms

Neon graphics, synth-heavy music, leg warmers, and sitcoms. What do all of these things have in common? They all were in their heyday in the 80s.

Not only that, but they’re all making a comeback in the present day. 80s sitcoms were some of the best sitcoms ever created with their jokes still landing in 2018.

Even if you didn’t grow up with these shows, they’re still classics that can always make you crack a smile and bust out laughing. We’ve compiled this list of the best 80’s sitcoms that are still funny today. Read on to see if you agree (or disagree!) with us.

1. Roseanne

With all of the controversy in recent times with Roseanne’s creator Roseanne Barr, many people forget just how awesome, brilliant, and amazing the original show was. Roseanne followed a loud, fun, lower class family from the Midwest who was just trying to get by.

Their humor, antics, and love for each other made some of the most hilarious television episodes ever created. With some big-name comedic actors like Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman, this show was made even funnier by the kids playing the Connor children.

One of the funniest sitcom episodes ever made is when Roseanne, Dan, and Jackie get high off of weed they confiscated from their kid. Be warned: you will laugh until you cry.

2. Night Court

Night Court followed the night shift at a Manhattan courthouse. The main character was an interesting and, let’s just say “unorthodox”, judge played by Henry Anderson.

You get to see all of the antics you would think would happen in a New York City courthouse at night complete with bailiffs, prosecutors, defense attorneys, cafeteria workers, and more.

One of our favorite episodes is when a bunch of Trekkies find their way into the courtroom to battle over whether the new or old Star Trek is better.

You ever wonder what these old actors look like in 2018? It seems like they’re trapped in the 1980s in our minds. Check out the “Do You Remember?” website for more information on what all of the regulars look like now.

3. M*A*S*H

While M*A*S*H technically started its run in the 1970s, it ran into the 80s so it made our list. While this was more of a dramedy (it was set in an active war zone after all), the hilarity these guys and gals got into never seemed to end.

It follows the surgical team stationed in Korea during the war. Their hijinks and jokes always made for a laugh, even in the saddest and hardest of times.

4. Full House

If you’re looking for a feel-good family sitcom complete with an attractive uncle (John Stamos), a silly live-in comedian brother-in-law, and adorable, sassy kids, then Full House is perfect for you.

While this show does tackle classic family issues like getting along, moving past a death of a loved one, and growing pains, the show is a lot of jokes, cute kid one-liners, and some touches of physical comedy.

5. Golden Girls

Golden Girls will go down in history as one of the funniest and most classic 80s sitcoms of all time. The show follows four older women who are living together in one house:

  • The Matriarch, Sophia (played by Estelle Getty)
  • The silly Rose (played by Betty White)
  • The stubborn and assertive Dorothy (played by Bea Arthur)
  • The proper Southern lady Blanche (played by Rue McClanahan)

These four hilarious women get into so many hilarious situations it’s hard to pick a favorite episode. In season 1, they all get the flu which leads to illness-fueled crankiness that only leads to hilarity for us viewers. And what about the episode where all the roommates are forced to dress up as birds and perform in a school play?

We can’t forget the episode where they all get put in jail after trying to see a Burt Reynold’s movie premiere (ah, the 80s).

6. Alf

Going from a somewhat normal family sitcom to ALF is a big jump. ALF is also a family sitcom filled with lovable family, family drama, and the classic issues that come up in these types of shows.

The difference? This family also include a friendly alien named Alf (Alien Life Form). This show only ran from 1986 to 1990, but the laughs continue to today. People still love it so much that it was recently announced that there will be an ALF reboot.

7. Seinfeld

OK, so we know that Seinfeld first aired in 1989, but it’s just too good not to make this list. Starring two of the most well-known names in comedy, Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

While the concept of the show is pretty classic, four single friends living in New York City, the humor and situations were so fresh, interesting, and relevant that it made Seinfeld into an instant classic.

Everyone can relate to the problems and hijinks they get into, even in the modern day. That’s what makes the show so funny, even after issues with landline answering machines aren’t as relevant, we can all understand that struggle.

What about the episode where Kramer and Newman decide to drive their recyclables to Michigan to get the extra 5 cents on the return? Or the episode where George pretends to be a marine biologist, and Kramer happens to shoot a golf ball into the blowhole of a whale, so George is forced to perform whale CPR?

Funniest 80’s Sitcoms You Should Binge Watch Today

Not all shows from the past are as funny today as they were during their time (looking at you Home Improvement). However, these 7 80’s sitcoms are still funny, and probably always will be.

They bring back memories of old times, whether you were watching the shows when they were on or not. The outfits, the references, and the general style of the shows scream “80s” in the best way.

Looking to watch some more old movies and TV shows? Check out our website for lists of the best ones that you should watch.