Cailee Spaeny To Play Lead Female Role in Pacific Rim: Maelstrom

The Pacific Rim sequel slowly clank through the pre-production as a giant Jaeger stomp through a stormy sea. John Boyega and Scott Eastwood, are both on aboard and now actress Cailee Spaeny join them as the female lead in the film Pacific Rim 2 (Pacific Rim: Maelstrom). The film is directing by Steven S. DeKnight … Read more

Restraining Order Roadmap: 7 Essential Steps in Filing a Restraining Order


There are over 1 million active domestic violence restraining orders in the United States. And they offer benefits for protecting your physical and psychological well-being. But the process for filing a restraining order can get complicated. Are you in need of a restraining order but don’t know where to begin? We can help. Here’s a 7-step road … Read more

5 of the Best Movie Intro Scenes of All Time


Would you believe us if we told you Americans watch almost eight hours of TV per day? While a lot of that is the next Netflix binge or Hulu marathon, movies will always captivate us.   And isn’t it the best feeling when you hit play and the movie starts with a bang? A good … Read more

Seeking Enlightenment- 8 Spiritual Movies You Have to Watch!


Feeling lost and overwhelmed? Need a boost of motivation? This may come up as a surprise, but movies can help. A good movie can skyrocket your motivation and help you get through the toughest times. Think of Rocky, Good Will Hunting, or Eat Pray Love. These films have inspired people of all ages to start … Read more