7 Recovery Movies to Help Inspire You to Stay Strong During Rehab

Are you trying to get out of a bad habit or in need of a bit of inspiration to help you through your rehabilitation process?

Of the 23 million Americans addicted to drugs and alcohol, only 2.5 million received care in 2012. There are even fewer who get out of the habit entirely.

We understand that it is difficult to recover from an addiction. Below are some recovery movies that can inspire you during your own recovery period. Most are movies about addiction recovery while others focus on relationships and consequences.

1. My Name is Bill W. (1989)

Ever wondered about the beginnings of Alcoholics Anonymous? If you love watching movies about AA, then you will enjoy seeing a movie about how it all began. This film revolves around Bill W., the founder of AA.

2. 28 Days (2000)

If you are seeking movies that give spiritual enlightenment, here is a quirky yet emotional one. Sandra Bullock’s character Gwen is an alcoholic refusing to change. She meets many other addicts who make her re-evaluate her life in time.

3. Everything Must Go (2010)

If you are a Will Farrell fan, this movie will bring you much inspiration. The story revolves around a salesman who relapses back into alcoholism after a series of unfortunate events. His new hope comes in the form of a new neighbor he meets when he holds a yard sale.

4. Gia (1998)

This 1998 film is a recovery movie with a tragic story. The eponymous protagonist played by Angelina Jolie dies at the end. Still, it’s inspiring to see Gia Carangi’s efforts to break free from her drug habits.

5. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)

Do you want to see a movie that tackles a young family’s life? Here’s a film that shows how a drinking dependency can affect child-rearing. This movie also focuses on the couple’s relationship.

6. Flight (2012)

At first glance, the actions of Denzel Washington’s character may seem heroic after he saves a full plane from a bad crash. After some investigations, they find that he was under the influence at the time of the flight. This film presents situations wherein an alcoholic or addict feels stuck.

7. Clean and Sober (1988)

Michael Keaton plays a character refusing to face the consequences of his addiction. He does everything he can to escape them, even pretending to get help in a drug rehab program. This film shows the many faces of drug addicts, not only the typical stereotypes.

8. More Addiction Recovery Movies

There are many movies about sobriety. You Kill Me (2007) is a funny but brutal film about a hitman whose alcoholism gets in the way of his job. Drugstore Cowboy from 1989 depicts drug use and why it is important to move on to a clean life.

There are also rehab movies about real people like Ray (2004) which focuses on the late Ray Charles. Even alcoholic or addicted celebrities go to rehab. Home Run (2013) shows how the professional baseball player, Cory Brand, turned his life around after alcohol-related incidents.

Inspire Yourself to Change

These recovery movies are great companions for anyone who is changing for the better. They serve as motivation and inspiration to the recovering addict. They are also warnings for anybody who might be in danger of addiction.

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