Seeking Enlightenment- 8 Spiritual Movies You Have to Watch!

Feeling lost and overwhelmed? Need a boost of motivation? This may come up as a surprise, but movies can help.

A good movie can skyrocket your motivation and help you get through the toughest times. Think of Rocky, Good Will Hunting, or Eat Pray Love. These films have inspired people of all ages to start all over and see life from a different perspective.

However, if spiritual enlightenment is what you’re looking for, there are some movies you definitely should watch. These can awaken your spirit and give your life a new meaning.

Find a quiet place in your home and watch these spiritual movies to awaken your inner self!

Peaceful Warrior

This 2006 drama is just as popular today as it was years ago. Based on Dan Milan’s novel Way of the Peaceful Warrior, it’s the kind of movie that changes lives.

The story revolves around a young gymnast whose life takes a new turn after meeting Socrates, a mysterious old man. After his legs get severely injured in a traffic crash, he slowly begins to regain his strength and motivation with the help of Socrates.

The movie features big names like Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz, and Amy Smart. It’s a powerful story that will give you valuable insights on how to deal with your inner conflicts and stay motivated when it feels like your world is falling apart.

Groundhog Day

Released in 1993, Groundhog Day has inspired generations. Even though it initially was a modest success, today it’s considered one of the best comedy movies of all time.

Don’t let yourself fooled by the word “comedy.” While it’s true that this movie will make you smile, it also has a deep spiritual message. Its cast, which includes A-list actors like Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, should be reason enough to check it out.

This is the story of a grumpy weatherman who finds himself living the same day over and over again. The only way to escape this situation is to discover the reason behind it and change his life.

The Matrix

Unless you live on a deserted island, you must have heard of The Matrix, one of the best movies ever released.

This Sci-Fi action film will leave you questioning life and your existence – and keep you glued to the couch for hours. It’s the kind of movie you can watch over and over again and still discover new meanings.

The Matrix tells the story of Neo, a computer hacker who finds himself trapped in an alternate reality and becomes responsible for saving mankind.

Over the years, it won several awards for Best Sound, Best Visual Effects, Best Science Fiction Film, Best Film Editing, and more. The franchise was expanded with the addition of video games, sequels, comics, and animated short films.

Cloud Atlas

Touted as one of the most powerful spiritual awakening movies, Cloud Atlas comes from the producers of The Matrix trilogy. It shows how our actions impact our lives and the lives of others in the past, present, and future.

The movie features Tom Hanks, David Giasi, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon, and other beloved actors. It grossed over $130,482,868 worldwide and won multiple awards, including Ten Best Films of the Year, Best Makeup, Best Costume Design, and Best Art Direction.

Eat Pray Love

Based on a novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, this romantic comedy-drama movie features a woman who decides to give life a new meaning after going through a painful divorce. She chooses to travel the world and step out of her comfort zone in a quest for self-discovery.

Starring Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, and James Franco, this film will leave you dreaming and provide a glimpse into what your life would be like if you had the strength to start all over.

The story is inspirational and meaningful, with an engaging plot and fantastic performance. The main character connects with her inner-self in India, discovers the pleasure of eating in Italy, and finds true love in Indonesia.

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World of Tomorrow

This animated movie may like it was made for kids, but it actually has a deep meaning behind. It tells the story of a little girl who has a chance to see what her future will be like.

Despite its short duration, the film touches important topics like the nature of the self, love, death, cloning, and time traveling. This story raises lots of questions and will leave you thinking.

I Origins

If you believe in reincarnation or question its existence, this mind-bending movie is a must-see. It’s the story of a biologist who makes an incredible discovery that may change everything we know about life and death.

I Origins confirms that there is something that connects us to everything that exists or has ever existed. It’s not your typical Hollywood movie, but one that explores our journey on earth and the things we cannot explain.


What if you could have everything you ever wanted? Imagine being wealthy, living in a luxurious house, and having more money than you need? That’s a catch, though.

You’d have to shrink yourself to five inches tall and risk losing your family, friends, and everything you’ve ever cared about. It’s a fresh start, but it comes at a price.

Downsizing illustrates these concepts in a unique, original way. Matt Damon, the main character, delivers an outstanding performance that’s completely different from his previous roles.

Awaken Your Inner Self with These Spiritual Movies

These spiritual movies are ideal for those of you who need a little bit of inspiration, motivation, or inner strength. They’re deep and full of substance yet light enough for a cozy evening.

If you’re in the mood to watch some older movies, check out our selection! From classic Christmas movies to all-time favorites like It’s a Wonderful Life, we got you covered.