Warcraft Wallpapers

Warcraft is a 2016 fantasy film based on Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment. The film is directed by Duncan Jones and produced by Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Charles Roven, Alex Gartner and Stuart Fenegan. The story provided by Chris Metzen. Warcraft released on June 10, 2016 with 123 minutes running time. Its star cast are Travis … Read more

Jack Reacher Never Go Back Wallpapers

Paramount has released three new Jack Reacher: Never Go Back television commercials. Subsequent finds the titular character of Tom Cruise returns to its roots, identify duplicitous officials and people in power, until he learns that women chosen take up his role as head of the MP (Cobie Smulders), has been arrested for espionage. Jack Reacher … Read more

Doctor Strange Running Time and Movie Wallpapers

Poster for the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can sometimes be a little disappointing, but that’s not the case with Doctor Strange. All one sheet for the upcoming Marvel film deserved bedroom wall, and the last poster – which features a smart “endless impossibilities” slogan – is no different. Thanks to Event Cinemas, we … Read more

Top 10 French Films That Will Transport You Right to Paris

french films

Though most of the world associates filmmaking with Hollywood, the French have done just as much to advance the art form as their American counterparts. In fact, the French were some of the first to see filmmaking’s full potential, implementing features like fuller narratives and early special effects. If you’re looking for a crash course … Read more

7 of the Best Bank Robbery Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

best bank robbery movies

When it comes to crowdpleasers, it’s hard to beat a great bank robbery movie. Let’s face it: Each of us, at some point or another, has fantasized about getting rich quick. Everyone wants the American dream— but what if there was a way to get it in one night? Thrilling action scenes and heart-stopping suspense … Read more

The 5 Best Movies That Take Place In One Room

movies that take place in one room

Is your idea of a great movie a high action flick with a ton of explosions? Maybe. And that’s cool. But what about movies that take place in one room? That probably isn’t something you’ve even considered. And if you’ve never seen one, you might be compelled to ask: Are There Any Movies That Take … Read more

The 10 Best Viking Movies Ever Made

viking movies

North America held a fascination for the Vikings long before Viking movies captured our imaginations. Thorfinn Karlsefni journeyed to Newfoundland and beyond around a thousand years ago. His grandson, Snorri, may have been the first European born in this new world. Norse legends and history are all about adventure and power. It’s no wonder why … Read more

5 Crazy Movie Advertising Tactics You Need to See to Believe

movie advertising

Most Hollywood movie advertisements are pretty tame in the grand scheme of things. While the majority of studies pump millions of dollars into trailers, posters, and TV spots, sometimes the film calls for a more…unconventional method of advertising. Here are five of the craziest movie advertising tactics we’ve ever seen. 1. Bruno Gets Up Close … Read more

Fifty Shades Darker Wallpapers and Accessories

The much anticipated sequel is going to be released in February 2017, in the mean time, enjoy some wallpapers (free to distribute and use but cannot be used commercially!) and some cool accessories to support the big time release. Here is the book from 2012 and the trilogy can be found here (highly recommended, so intense … Read more