Don’t Miss Your Favs: The Best Ways to Watch Movies and TV on Your Phone

Studies have confirmed that more people than ever are watching television and films on their mobile devices. This is partially because when you watch content on your mobile device, you can consume it anywhere.

Whether you’re on an airplane, waiting in line for your takeout or on a break at work, you can catch up on your favorite shows without wasting time.

Read on for some of the best apps, tips, and tricks to watch TV on phones!


iTunes is best for the casual television watcher, not someone who consumes content daily online. That’s because the model requires you to buy the content by episode or film. For example, if you want to watch a certain film, it may cost you $5.99 to watch it for a limited period.

On the plus side, films and TV shows often release to iTunes as soon as they’re released to the general public. This way, you’re not waiting for weeks, or even months, to see something you’ve been dying to watch.

You can also catch up on your favorite TV shows quickly.

iTunes is perfect for those with Apple computers or iPhones, but you can use the program on almost any computer.


Amazon has two programs for you to watch TV on your smartphone or Kindle. If you have Amazon Prime, you gain access to a wide variety of TV shows, including those Amazon makes itself in its own studios.

But having Amazon Prime doesn’t give you access to everything in the catalog. Instead, you’ll need to buy newer shows by episode or the film, like iTunes.

Amazon and iTunes offer similarly priced programs, with each television episode ranging from $1.99 to $2.99.


Netflix is a subscription service that you’ve all likely heard of before. With Netflix, you can buy a monthly subscription for either one month, several months, or the entire year.

After buying the subscription, you’re free to watch anything in the library without restriction.

If you’re somewhere with WiFi, you can watch whatever you want to watch on Netflix. If you’re planning to be somewhere devoid of WiFi, you can go on Netflix before you leave. Then, you can download the programs to your phone or tablet. Once you’ve done that, you can watch the show without any connection to the internet necessary.

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is like iTunes in that it gives you access to apps and other items for use on your Android phone. But, you can also buy television shows and movies on the Google Play Store, and download them straight to your phone.

This operates like iTunes and Amazon, in which you’ll need to pay per episode or per film.


YouTube can be a hit or miss, but with the popularity of Amazon, Netflix and other streaming apps, YouTube has attempted to compete with it. In some cases, you’ll find entire episodes uploaded to YouTube that they’ve not caught yet, but many times, the person who holds the copyright will have it taken down in a few days.

YouTube also has entire films and television shows for rent either with a one-off fee or by purchasing YouTube Red. YouTube Red offers you exclusive access to content made specifically for YouTube Red. With this service, you’ll also get special perks from some of YouTube’s top creators, such as early access to videos or special sneak peeks.

You must view most YouTube content on the site unless you have a third-party app that can help you download it to watch later. Otherwise, you’ll need a WiFi connection to watch what it is you wish to see.


Hulu operates like Netflix and Amazon, in that it is a subscription-based service that offers you access to a load of television shows and films. Once you buy the service, you’ll get unlimited access to everything Hulu has to offer, including some live TV.

One of the bigger downsides of Hulu is that you don’t have the ability to download programs and watch them later. Instead, you’ll have to watch them while you have a WiFi connection.


IPTV offers you a unique way to watch television, surpassing the cable companies and other extras that go into finding the show you want to watch. With your IPTV subscription, you can watch thousands of channels and films on all your devices, both phone and tablet. It also works on Android and iOS applications.

Not only can you watch live television, but you can watch lots of videos on demand so that you can catch up with your favorite television show.

This service is all for one price, but you can only watch it while you’re connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, you can’t download anything and watch it later, but that’s where things like iTunes and Amazon come in with their one-off fees.

The Award for Best App to Watch TV on Phones Goes To…


Well, that’s because it depends on what your needs are. Each app offers something different for everyone, and each offers unique content. Because of that, you might need to mix and match provides to watch TV on phones with full satisfaction. Doing so gives you the best of every world, allowing you to sample new releases and old favorites.

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