Hercules 2014 Movie

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Hercules 2014 Movie
Hercules 2014 Movie

Starring – Hercules (2014 film)

  • Dwayne Johnson as Hercules
  • John Hurt as the King of Thrace
  • Rufus Sewell as Autolycus
  • Ian McShane as Amphiaraus
  • Joseph Fiennes
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Ergenia
  • Aksel Hennie as Tydeus
  • Reece Ritchie as Iolaus
  • Steve Peacocke as Stephanos
  • Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Atalanta
  • Peter Mullan
  • Irina Shayk as Megara
  • Joe Anderson
  • Tamina Snuka
  • Barbara Palvin as Antimache
  • Tobias Santelmann